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Are all of the coupons on usable online? Can I use them in-store as well? posts both online and in-store coupons. We specify whether or not coupons can be used online, in-store, or both.

The coupon is a "PDF" file and I'm having problems viewing or printing it. What is that and what do I do?

Some companies choose the PDF (Portable Document Format) for their coupons. This is a file format created by Adobe Systems for the purpose of document exchange. You may need to install a program capable of displaying PDF files (such as Adobe Reader, which is free) in order to view and print these files.

I operate a store or business and would like to list my coupon on How do I go about doing this?

You can submit your coupons to us to be considered for editorial inclusion via the contact form. If your coupon is an image or PDF that needs to be printed, you will need to host the file in question.

I tried using the coupon and it was expired! Why was it still on the website?

We strive to keep our coupon listings up to date and accurate, but companies may sometimes withdraw a coupon before the stated expiry date, or the coupon in question may not have had a specified end date to begin with. If you come across an expired coupon, we encourage you to use the "Report coupon" button on the right so that we can investigate the problem or remove the coupon as necessary.

I printed out a coupon and took it to the store, but it was rejected. What's going on?

Some companies leave coupon acceptance to the discretion of individual store operators. These coupons may often include "valid at participating locations" in the fine print. Unfortunately, cannot do anything about this directly, but users may certainly leave a comment to let other users know about locations that may or may not be accepting the coupon.

My grocery store has a sign indicated they don't accept Internet coupons. Can we use the Coupons from

There have been reports that certain stores have decided to not accept coupons printed from the Internet. Unfortunately, there's no way can locate all the different stores and individual policies on Internet printed coupons. However, user can certainly leave a comment to let other users know about locations that may or may not be accepting individual coupons or certain types of coupons.

On the positive side, the Coupons section also includes hundreds of coupons you can use while shopping online. There's nothing to print and often it's as simple as copying an pasting a coupon code.

I'm trying to use a coupon code online, where can I enter the coupon code from

Coupons are often entered during the checkout process at online stores such as,, and Look for a box asking for a promotional, bonus, or or coupon code. Copy and past the coupon from our coupons section to the field and apply it. Make sure there are no extra spaces and the proper capitalization as some coupons are case sensitive. Coupons may also be automatically added to your cart when you click on our link to visit the online retailer.

Can online coupons be used at retail/brick and mortar stores?

This varies from retailer to retailer. Generally speaking, online store coupons cannot be used at retail stores. However, there have been instances whereby retail outlets have accepted online coupons. In the Coupons section, each coupon has a small image indicating whether that coupon can be used online, in-store or both. Additionally, coupons may have detailed terms and conditions with more information. Finally, you can also contact the store in question directly to see if they'll accept online coupons at the store.

I clicked the link to the deal, the page doesn't load correctly or not at all; what's happening?

Problem: You posted a deal on your website, but when I clicked the link to the deal the page doesn't load correctly or not at all. I received a Cannot Find Server/This Page Cannot Be Displayed error.

You posted a deal on your website, but I don't see a link to click.

Why is this happening?
Many large online retailers like and offer commission to website operators who refer customers to them. When a retailer has a deal and they have such a program, will use referral program links provided. Retailers often offer their affiliates better deals than are generally available and we post them for you to take advantage of. However, because unscrupulous people have abused such programs in the past, many ad blockers will block referral links on legitimate sites like Unfortunately, this means that many deals posted on may not be available to you unless you successfully try one of the following solutions:

Solution #1: A common fix is to configure the Hosts file used by Windows to control access to specific servers. You can check the contents by opening the file in Notepad, which is located at:
Many retailers use 3rd party companies to run their referral program. Grant access to these sites, either by commenting them out (using the # character at the beginning of the line) or deleting them from the Hosts file entirely:
Solution #2: Blocked advertisements can prevent a page from loading, or from rendering properly; we recommend setting permissions to allow credible advertising to appear. Configure security/networking utilities on your system for appropriate access.
Solution #3: Regularly monitor and remove spyware/malware from your system. Try free versions of utilities such as Ad-Aware, Spybot, and Windows Antispyware.

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